Men, Health, and Moms

By: Tanvi Maharaja

UnknownJune is Men’s Health Month. And of course, we had Father’s Day earlier this month. So, what could be a better time to celebrate the men in our lives?

As moms, we are grateful for the men in our lives, past and present, who influence our lives and help us through the tough mommy days. My earliest memory of my dad is us playing together with the dollhouse he got for me and going out on walks with him. He has been the cornerstone of my life, and is till this day, the first person I call when I celebrate something. Just as a way of saying “Thank you, I owe this to you!”

My brother has been my best friend and partner-in-crime. I lean on him for support and advice, and though younger to me, he always rises to the occasion. He is an example of how fortitude and determination can turn one’s life around.

I have shared 18 adventurous years with my husband. As he continues to grow and progress in both professional and personal life, his simplicity, humility, grace, and affability marvel me every day. He is a hard-working guy, loved by many and admired by co-workers, family, and friends alike. He has been a solid companion and has always been so supportive of all my crazy endeavors!

My son turned a teenager this year! He is a witty little guy, full of grit and passion, a quick learner and a great conversationalist, and continuously astonishes me with his kindness and compassion, and empathy towards everyone he encounters.

I am thankful for the love and support of these guys, for their influences in my life, and the kindness that saw me through some dark times. All the wonderful men in my life – friends, extended family, teachers, neighbors, and co-workers over the years have always made me look up to them, sometimes leaving me with a nagging feeling that men’s efforts go unnoticed occasionally, as they are usually reticent and do not like talking about their achievements and efforts. Unknown-1.png

Men’s Health Month

I want to touch upon the topic of Men’s Health this month. Gender is an important factor in so many health issues, and men are more susceptible to certain conditions than women. Certain types of cancer including prostate cancer, cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerotic conditions, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, metabolic disorders such as thyroid, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, etc can sneak up with little warning. Smoking, obesity, lack of adequate physical activity, unhealthy dietary habits, stress, inadequate sleep, genetics are some known risk factors. Most of them are modifiable. This topic is so exhaustive, I might do a blog series on it!

So guys, if you are reading this, please make sure you get timely medical assessments. And look after your health. We may not say this often enough, but we love and value you more than we let on. So look after your own health just as much as you look after your loved ones’. Not just physical health, but mental and emotional health too. It is ok to talk about whatever is on your mind–to us, to your male friends, to a healthcare professional. Women are more vocal about their issues, while men tend to suffer in silence, possibly due to long-held beliefs about that being the “manly thing” to do. It is ok to reach out for help, to ask for advice, to talk about stuff. We are here for you–as moms, sisters, spouses, friends, and daughters!

And finally, guys, thank you for all your kindness and love! We could not be what we are without your unflinching, unwavering support!

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