March Means Maple Syrup: 3 Places to Visit

By: Martianne Stanger

Guess what time it is?

Maple syrup season!

A wonderful time to get outside to tap your own trees, like my family experimented with doing a few years ago or a time to go see, first-hand, how maple syrup is made.

One great place to learn about maple syrup production is at River Bend Farm Maple Syrup Days.

A number of years ago, my family went to this free community event where the kids got to try their hand at tapping trees, we all tasted different grades of maple syrup, we saw how native peoples used to make maple syrup, and we witnessed more modern maple syruping techniques, too.

Another year, my family drove to Davell’s Farm to purchase locally made syrup and had the blessing of a personal chat with the owner/operator there – hearing all about how he started his operation after building a sugar shack in his backyard.

Still another year, my children and I went on a field trip to Matfield Farm, a family owned and operated business, where we got to see an operation working from tapped trees to boiling syrup. We also got to try fresh sap and syrup. Yum!

All three experiences helped my family to learn about the art and science of tapping maple trees, gathering sap, and producing maple syrup. They also provided seasonal outdoor family fun. I’d highly recommend taking advantage of maple syrup season with a guided walk or festival if you can.

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