3 Wellness Investments You Should Start Making

By: Tanvi Maharaja

With the tax season upon us, some of my friends were discussing investments. There are plenty of options to choose from: investment in your retirement, your kids’ education, a health fund, etc.
I believe that some money should be put aside as Special Investments: the Special being You.
Here are my top 3 investment strategies for moms; I call them Wellness Investments:

saving-money-P36ZYNN.jpg1. Invest in Health:

Health takes priority over everything else. Find something fun to do that will keep you in optimal physical health. This could be swimming, joining a gym, taking dance classes, or going on walks. This also includes taking vitamins and minerals as prescribed or recommended by your doctor, and timely visits to your doctor’s office for various screening procedures. Joining a yoga class, considering mindfulness apps, and eating healthy, all go towards investing in the most important commodity money can buy: Your Health.


2. Invest in Education:

We are never too old to learn something new! Education does not have to be a formal class, though you could do that too if you wanted to!
Learning a new skill, starting over with an old hobby, picking up a new language, or taking a certification in a subject that adds value to your professional or personal growth: these are all excellent tools for investing in yourself. Knowledge is a powerful tool, and learning is never wasted.



3. Invest in Experience:

Taking a little hike, enjoying a little spa time, booking a weekend getaway to lose yourself in nature, or just enjoying the fireplace playing board games with your family and friends: these are the memories life is made of. When we age and cannot do these things any more, the memories are all we will have to cherish. I have yet to meet an older person who told me their favorite memory was a new car or a fancy shoe! It is always, always an experience! So, consider that a worthwhile investment.

These investments augment physical, emotional, and mental health; a wise and timely approach to implementing them can go a long way to a happier and healthier you. They are totally worth the time and money spent, considering the advantage of downstream savings in health and wellness.
Go ahead, treat yourself!
You deserve it!!

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