7 Ways to Bless a Friend Who’s in Quarantine

By: Martianne Stanger

In recent years, I faced my first “mom surgery” – not a surgery for one of my children (which was something I had had to deal with within a year of becoming a mother), but my first time going under myself since becoming a mom.

Though my first mom surgery was not a major procedure that kept me away from my home for days, the prospect of the surgery and recovery period brought emotional and practical challenges for me – challenges which family and friends stepped in to ease!

In fact I was so showered with blessings from those around me that I shared thoughts on 10 Ways to Bless a Friend Having Surgery.

More recently, our family has faced the need to quarantine due to sickness.

The experience has been different than my pre- and post-surgery surgery one, of course, because, well, it’s quarantine.

You know – no people in the house. No sending household members out for anything. Just us. At home. All the time. Without people.

Still, others have found ways to bless us.

Here are seven things my family and I were enormously grateful for:

1. Prayer and Well Wishes:  A no-brainer, of course – but calls and  private messages to let my family and I know that we were being prayed for and thought of meant a lot. Connection is so important and prayer power even better.

2. Offering Supplements: Sometimes, we all mean to have our home apothecaries fully stocked, but do not. I was, glad, then, for friends who offered to drop by their own zinc, Vitamins A, C, and D, and other health-promoting vitamins, minerals, and supplements should I not be able to secure my own. Those that offered elderberry syrup and fire cider were appreciated, too. Had I not had my own ready, I would have gladly taken theirs!

3. Dropping Off Paper Goods: Some things go fast in a family with kids. Toilet paper and facial tissues are among them. So having a friend come to the stoop to drop such things was much appreciated.

4. Making Meals: My children and I are fully capable of making our meals, so when any of us is down another of us can step up to the stove. Still, it was a welcome treat for all of us when folks dropped by favorite home-cooked and store bought dishes so we could just heat and eat. Better still, some friends even timed their drops offs so meals were still hot and ready to eat right at a meal time. Perfect! My meat-loving boys and husbands loved the stews, soups, burgers, and more brought to our stoop. My daughter and I loved the veggie-packed pasta and produce! So much goodness was dropped at our front doorstep We have amazing friends!

5. Thinking of the Little Things: People often called or messaged before coming by to ask if we needed anything in particular. My answer was most often, “Thank you so much for your kindness. We have everything we need.” But, that did not stop our creative and thoughtful friends from going the extra mile – both literally and figuratively for us. One even brought a variety of teas and honey packaged up in a cute little bin to remind us to keep hydrating – and alongside them were some electrolyte drops. Do our friends think of everything or what?

6. Offering to Deliver Groceries:  I typically keep our groceries pretty well stocked, but still appreciated each and every offer that family and friends made to pick up or deliver groceries. Berries and greens, especially, can use frequent replenishment here, and those that know me, my love for smoothies, my desire to eat more nutritious foods, and one of my children’s berry-munching ways, ensured we continued to have a supply of greens and fruits. Another friend especially added bananas, frozen broccoli and Earth Balance to her shopping list upon our request. So appreciated.

7. Checking In: I don’t think a single day went by without multiple friends or family members calling or messaging to say hello and check in on us. We are loved – and we knew it.

No need for isolation just because you’re in quarantine. Love and connection can come through even with distance. I encourage you – whether you face quarantine yourself or know someone who is – consider practical and emotional blessings that can be shared.

We may need to isolate our bodies for a time period to ensure healing and discourage the spread of sickness, but we need not become islands of loneliness and negativity. Blessings can still abound – and do!

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