Zombie Mom Walking

By: Cheryl Maguire “Do you want to go for a walk?” That was the gajillionth (yes that’s a real word, at least according to Urban Dictionary) time one of my 16 year old daughter asked me that question, and it was only two months into the pandemic. Everyone in our neighborhood was doing the same … More Zombie Mom Walking

I Am Grateful

By: Heather O’Neill I am Grateful. Throughout this time that Covid has touched our lives, I haven’t been writing. I just can’t seem to find the word to describe how I have been feeling.  The world shut down. Schools, workplaces, sports, activities, everything. To say it has been hard for all of us is an … More I Am Grateful

Choosing Positivity and Making Lemonade Out of COVID Lemons

By: Sandy Churchill I love the spirit of “positivity” and “making lemons out of lemonade”—and truly, the COVID-quarantining-mask-wearing-social-distancing world we are currently living in is an ideal place where a sense of optimism and hopefulness is needed. A friend recently launched a “lemon-themed” Bible study in her newly-revamped garage-turned-girl-cave where she decorated a Christmas tree … More Choosing Positivity and Making Lemonade Out of COVID Lemons

Dealing with Maskne

By: Jennifer Lonergan Portmanteau words. Does anyone remember these from school? Here are some examples: Brunch (breakfast + lunch) Smog (smoke + fog) Chortle (chuckle + snort) Spork (spoon + fork) Labradoodle (labrador + poodle) They are more commonly known as “blend” words. Two words, or parts of words, that are blended together to form … More Dealing with Maskne

Beyond the COVID Crisis, 2020 Is About Vision

By: Sandy Churchill May has arrived, brimming with birdsong, sunny days, First Communions, and graduations—and this year the month holds indisputable “firsts” in so many ways—social distancing, masked attendees everywhere you look, virtual baby showers, and canceled sports, concerts, parties, and classes. This is the time for inspirational milestone speeches—at high school and college graduations, … More Beyond the COVID Crisis, 2020 Is About Vision