10 Things Kids Can Enjoy During Quarantine

By: Martianne Stanger

What do you do when you have to face a full-out quarantine with kids?

Keep things as normal as possible and enjoy the simple things.

While in a recent quarantine period with our children, I asked them what their favorite activities had been so far.

I share their answers here to inspire you and yours should you have to batten down the hatches for a while.

  1. Biking. Even just biking around the yard and on a homemade ramp can provide both outdoor time and fun for a motor-driven and adventurous child.
  2. Playing board games. Among the favorites here lately are Rack-o (and oldie, but a goodie), Wonky, Suspend, and Tapple.
  3. Playing video games. Although not a favorite for Mom, the boys especially love playing Minecraft and Civ, especially when friends join virtually.
  4. Going on walks. Even if just out and about in the yard, taking in fresh air and moving the body are wonderfully restorative!
  5. Watching the birds. Two of mine have taken to quietly sitting in or near our wetlands to watch the birds and squirrels. We’ve also been enjoying visitors to a new window feeder we have.
  6. Watching Drive Thru History. An easy way to get some fun history in during periods of hometime and sickness is with a subscription we have that includes streaming videos from a favorite history vendor of ours – Dave Stotts and his crew! We’ve been enjoying rewatching the American history series
  7. Editing Videos. One of my kids is into gaming and all things tech. He’s liked having some extra time to make and edit Minecraft videos on one of his Youtube channels. I am encouraging him to make more actual “movies” to upload on his other channel.
  8. Talking to friends online. When you have very social kids, Gmail chat and Discord can be a huge blessing to them.
  9. Eating. I have one that likes to cook, bake, and create in the kitchen to pass time, and more that love to eat. So, between my one kitchen creator’s efforts and friends dropping practical gifts of kindness at our doorstep, my biggest eating kid has been quite content.
  10. Sewing. One of my children likes to put old clothing, fabric scraps, and creativity to use to create new and practical clothing, bags, pillows, and more. That child’s enjoyed the extra time at home to create!

All such simple activities, right?

Many timeless and not even dependent on modern technology, though some are.

How wonderful it was for me to hear my children list such everyday activities as their most enjoyed ones during our time of being completely away from others. For, like many parents, sometimes I worry that my children are becoming entitled ingrates.

Seriously, I think this sometimes.

Then, I pause and take stock of reality: My children are grateful, creative kids who can and do appreciate time together and alone enjoying a wide variety of pursuits.

Over and over during our period of full-out quarantine, I paused to marvel at what wonderful normal kids I have.

I pray that if you are faced with a similar period, you do the same: see your kids step up as needed, enjoy as they will, and savor simple things.

Be encouraged and be well.

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