Let Your Child’s Latest Passion Prompt Time Together 

By: Martianne Stanger 

Helmet on. Excitement stoked. New obstacles ready to be conquered. 

Love, caution, yet encouragement pouring out. 

This has been my husband.

“You did it!” 

This has been me shouting out about my son’s victory while snapping photos of his bike and skateboard exploits. 

Honestly, I never thought I’d be one to hang at skate and bike parks, but parenting does funny things to a person. 

Following my youngest’s son’s latest interests, I have not only been running him down to the Middleboro and Lakeville skateparks, which are not too for from us, but have also been Googling for other hangouts where my son’s sense of adventure and desire to conquer new challenges can be fed. 

In turn, my husband has spent some quality 1:1 time with our son at skate parks in Plymouth, Marshfield, and Sandwich, typically in the mornings when the crowds are thinner and tamer. 

Both my husband and I delight in our son’s enthusiasm for developing skills with the BMX bike he saved for and purchased himself and with the skateboard he got as a gift. We both also value time outside and time connecting with and supporting our child. 

Our son? He appreciates the opportunity to push the limits of skills while enjoying time outside and with us. 

Following a child’s interests can surely bring you places you never thought you would hang at. It can also bring joy and adventure. 

What interests have your children been showing lately? How might you help your child explore those interests or follow a passion? 

I encourage you to think about such things – and to act on what you think. Doing so will surely stoke special together time. 

Also, if you know of a fabulous skate/bike park, please share about in the comments. My husband, son, and I are game to explore more! 

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