Staying Motivated to Stay Healthy

By: Cheryl Maguire

Over the years, I’ve had ups and downs in my health journey (haven’t we all?) I read a quote from someone just last week that said, “You will never always be motivated. You have to learn to be disciplined.” We all know that living a healthy lifestyle is important in preventing some diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, but maintaining that is hard. If you’re with me, keep reading for my tips on getting motivated so that you can stay disciplined.

Picture your future self – but not too far in the future

Something that has always bothered me about the push for healthy living is the focus on the “future self” – an unattainable version of me that I may or may not become someday. While long-term goals are great, it has helped me picture how I want to feel – not only a year from now but also tomorrow. I often remind myself that I will only become who I want to be if I live like that person today.

Don’t Do It Alone

What are your friendship and relationship habits? While there’s nothing wrong with sitting on a couch watching a show together and eating ice cream, it’s helpful to include activity in your everyday social outings. Go for a walk, take a bike ride, or even enjoy a gym class together. 

Focus on What You Can Do, Not What You Can’t

If you’re trying to eat healthily but only think about the sugary, processed foods you’re saying no to, it will be tough to stay consistent. Try making a list of the healthy fruits and veggies you love and put them on your grocery list. You can also do this for workouts. If you love tennis more than running, text a friend to play. If you prefer walking rather than weight training, carve out some time for a stroll and queue up a great podcast to listen to while you’re out.


I believe that sleep is one of the most overlooked health benefits. When we talk about “self-care,” it’s easy to think more of spa days than snoozing. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a spa day (I would welcome one myself), I consider sleep necessary for my self-care. It’s a treat!

Manage Stress

If you’re anything like me, it can feel almost impossible to get up and go work out after a long and hectic workday. Rather than forcing yourself to work out after that workday is over, consider the root of the issue: stress. Set yourself up for success by creating a calming morning routine, thinking through how to make healthy boundaries with your time and coworkers, and drinking a lot of water throughout the day. If those tips don’t work, consider fitting in your workout before the work day begins.

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