What a Wonder at the Window: Santa’s Gift to the Nature Lover

By: Martianne Stanger

“Come! Come!” called the excited cries of a child, beckoning us to the window where feathered friends had finally found and started to use the Wild Birds of Joy window birdfeeder that one of my children got for Christmas.

Thereupon, so many giggles and grins ensued as we witnessed what we imagined was a truth or dare game unfolding from the brush line to the window.

One little bird would dart in, almost grab a seed, and bolt away.

Then, it would tarry and titter with its mates.

Then, another would dash up, give us a furtive glance, almost grab a seed, and fly back to safe brush cover.

Over and over. Run after run. Until the birds became bolder, actually grabbed sunflower seeds, and sometimes even paused for a picture before flying away.

So much fun.

So much beauty.

So much simplicity.

Who knew a little plastic feeder with suction cups on it could bring such delight.

Santa! (Wink. Wink.)

If you have a nature lover in your house and would like a way to while away some delightful moments this winter, I recommend making a little splurge on a window bird feeder.

Witnessing feathered-friends find such a feeder and then repeatedly getting an up close and personal look at them darting to and from it as they sample seed left for them to delight in incites so many smiles here. It may be at your home, too.

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