Women in High Places: Redefining the Zeitgeist

By: Dr. Tanvi Maharaja PT, DPT, OCS Last year I had the pleasure and privilege of attending the International Continence Society annual conference. Although the conference was in Melbourne, the whole affair was online due to Covid. I learned new and exciting things about the world of pelvic health every minute I was there, but … More Women in High Places: Redefining the Zeitgeist

How Equal is Women’s Equality?

By: Barbara Schwartz August 26 is Women’s Equality Day. According to the National Women’s History Alliance, “…the women of the United States have designated August 26, the anniversary date of the certification of the Nineteenth Amendment, which culminated a 72-year, non-violent campaign to extend the right to vote to women…”¹ But if we divide everyone … More How Equal is Women’s Equality?