Go Red for Women Day—What does it mean?

By: Kathleen Blandin


February 1st, is a day about women’s health. It’s about realizing your worth and the cherished ones around you as well. It sheds light on focusing on YOU and your female companions and to ask yourself, am I doing the best that I can? The American Heart Association (AHA) has titled February 1, 2019 as ‘Go Red for Women’ as an initiative and commitment for women to make and stand together and take charge of their heart health.

This movement is about being aware of what is truly important as a human and especially a woman; your physical and mental health. This, in turn, has a lot to do with heart health and making you aware of healthy commitments that can be done. If you get yourself to realize what you are lacking physically—it will help you to continue to focus on a good life and you will mentally prepare yourself for the physical jump; i.e. your healthier happier lifestyle!

When you go on the www.goredforwomen.org website, they focus on heart health and the main thing is to be more aware of what you do.

One stated behavior they suggest as women is to commit to moving more. Moving can be more workouts or starting a work out routine in general. It can also mean be more aware of tendencies, for example—instead of asking someone to get you something make it a commitment to get things yourself and drop the lazier habits you have become accustomed with.

With everyone dealing with stressors in life, the AHA also focuses on managing your blood pressure. Whether you were already diagnosed with high blood pressure or are predisposed through genetics or other life factors, the AHA makes note that you should always be aware of what your number is and what is ideal for you as an individual. Having items like smart watches with heart monitors can help you key in on keeping track of what your number should be and what it is daily.

Just like the new year, a lot of people make commitments to eat smarter and they shine light on this aspect as well. With a healthy diet comes a healthier life style and wellbeing and that is a great start to helping your heart health. The AHA tells you through the site that they have Facebook pages and hashtags (#GoRedGetFit) to give you tips, tricks and advice. Looking at the pages myself—it is somewhat of a community that allows you a daily reminder of motivation that can help you in the long run stay on this great trend of health. This life movement is something that is very inspiring, if you haven’t taken the time, I would suggest looking through the website or pages and seeing the incredible women who strive to keep the conversation going about women’s health.

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