Glitter Anyone?

By: Sandy Churchill There is always a project at our house—usually some sort of craft, be it painting, sewing, crocheting, or gluing and glittering a present of some kind. Sure, we have games and puzzles here and there, but I wasn’t as aware of the constant crafting on the dining room table until my now-son-in-law … More Glitter Anyone?

No Dye Tie Dye

By: Kathy Trainor No Dye Tie Dye is something that has you wondering, what am I talking about now? Tie Dye you always need Dye! Well, after much preschool debate on our school playground amongst the teachers, we found out that we DON’T need Tie Dye at all. Tie Dye is costly, messy and you … More No Dye Tie Dye


By: Rachel Ventura  I love creating things for my home. I’ve made all sorts of little creations that are displayed throughout my house. It’s fun making them, I save a ton of money, and it makes the house feel more “homey.” Sure, not everything is as nice or as perfect as something you may buy … More Recycling

Explore Hands-On Science, History, Art and More at Local Libraries

By: Martianne Stanger Where you can explore magnetism… step back in time to boycott a bus like Rosa Parks, build a simple machine, join in a drum circle, learn drawing from high school art club students, or get hands on with props and puppets from a production of Jack and the Beanstalk? If you live … More Explore Hands-On Science, History, Art and More at Local Libraries

Indoor Crafts

By: Alison Puzia, Guest Contributor We’re finally there- the homestretch until spring break, warmer weather and the kids playing outdoors. If your kids are going a little stir crazy, we have some great, indoor craft ideas that they will love! 1. Do you keep all of your magazines, assuming you’ll go back and make those … More Indoor Crafts