Indoor Crafts

By: Alison Puzia, Guest Contributor

We’re finally there- the homestretch until spring break, warmer weather and the kids playing outdoors. If your kids are going a little stir crazy, we have some great, indoor craft ideas that they will love!


1. Do you keep all of your magazines, assuming you’ll go back and make those recipes or complete that DIY project, only to find that you have a huge stack of untouched magazines? Well, now those magazines can serve a purpose! Your kids will love making these adorable bracelets out of recycled magazines.

2. It’s the craft that keeps on giving! Not only will your children have a blast making these sock puppets, but they will love playing with them once they’ve made them. The best thing about this project- you probably already have all the supplies in your home!

3. Repurpose your old cereal boxes into a toy-car racetrack, with a few cuts. This craft is a great way for your kids to really get creative!

4. Craft and teach your child about recycling at the same time! This cute litter bug is easy to make from recycled materials.

5. Snow is always so pretty the first day, but then piles up on the side of the road and loses its charm. Celebrate the end of winter with DIY snowflakes that will always stay beautiful.

Which indoor crafts do your children love? Share them with us!

One thought on “Indoor Crafts

  1. My kids love doing crafts. We have a whole bucket filled with cookie cutters that we use for tracing. This is a great way for the kids to create things while working on their tracing and pencil handling skills.

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