5 Places to Look for FREE FUN This Summer!

By: Martianne Stanger In the past week, my family has released endangered red-bellied cooter turtles… …enjoyed climbing on all sorts of DPW equipment and collecting some freebies… …watched a police dog exhibition, clamored into police vehicles, potted plants, had faces painted, enjoyed hots dogs, hamburgers, and more… …all for FREE!  How? Simply by keeping our … More 5 Places to Look for FREE FUN This Summer!

We Can Be Like Flashlights, Right Mom?

By: Anne Marie Holloway – Guest Blogger & Former Signature Moms Blogger Sometimes my children…Wait, let me rephrase that.. Often times, my children remind me about our calling in the world… I believe we are called to be good… To love one another…To do something….It has also become apparent to me, that I cannot always protect them from the … More We Can Be Like Flashlights, Right Mom?

Toddler Transition

By: Jessica Aldred  “No!”, “Get Down!”, “Don’t eat that!”, “Stop touching that”…Yes folks, we officially have a fully mobile, chattering, defiant, yet still incredibly cute toddler! The days of tossing him the high chair with some veggie sticks while I made dinner are over. The 5 point harness is now strapping him in just long … More Toddler Transition

Hidden Treasures at Boston’s Arnold Arboretum

By: Sandra L. Churchill Summertime offers a lovely opportunity to tour local parks and enjoy nature’s best treasures. I recently visited the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University in Boston with my son and a couple of his friends. The site was featured recently as part of the Highland Street Foundation’s Free Fun Fridays program, which … More Hidden Treasures at Boston’s Arnold Arboretum

Slow Down Summer!

By: Jessica Aldred I’m sure I’m not alone in saying this, but where is summer 2015 going?! It seems like school just ended last week and here we are approaching the mid-point of summer vacation already. My older kids are certainly enjoying their time at camp and the nice weather, but I feel like I … More Slow Down Summer!