Slow Down Summer!

By: Jessica Aldred

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying this, but where is summer 2015 going?! It seems like school just ended last week and here we are approaching the mid-point of summer vacation already. My older kids are certainly enjoying their time at camp and the nice weather, but I feel like I haven’t had time to stop and enjoy it with them. It seems like every day is a repeat of the last (much like the school year), unpack backpacks, repack with fresh towels, bathing suits, etc., pack lunches, dinner, baths and off to bed. What ever happened to the rest and relaxation that summer in New England used to provide? I’m wiped!

Knowing myself and our manic lifestyle, I intentionally built a few weeks into our summer where we don’t have a full week of firm plans. In the latter half of summer there will be family trips and outings to enjoy. There will be spontaneous trips to the beach or playground and random stops at local ice cream pool-690034_1280joints. Between all the snow we had this past winter-that pushed the school year further into summer- and an early start this coming fall, summer is literally 9 weeks and 1 day for my children this year. It’s near impossible to squeeze in all our standard summer activities that they’ve come to know, love and expect never mind adding in new activities or time with newly developed friendships.

They enjoy being busy and I enjoy when they’re having fun and burning their energy off, but I could totally go for some low key pool days. Just a few lazy days where we throw in the towel, order pizza, and let the laundry pile up bit. I envision sitting by a glistening pool while the baby naps and my boys perfect their cannon balls. I long for time spent chatting with other parents with no timeline, no pick-ups, bed times or commitments sparking an end to the day.

Much of the blame for our manic lifestyle lies with me, but with three little boys staying home and relaxing is really not an option. It would be better phrased as ‘stay home and fight with each other’, ‘stay home and nag me for a snack every 5 minutes’ or ‘stay home and tell me how bored you are because we actually have a down day’. I know someday I’ll look back and miss these super busy times when my kids were bubbling over with excitement for the next day’s activities and when they needed me for every little thing. There soon will come a time when they outgrow me, are too cool for me and would rather spend their summers with their friends. So for now, manic it is! I’ll slather the sunscreen, over pack their bags and keep their minds and bodies fueled and busy. After all, there will always be time to rest and relax later. Right?

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