Popular Smartphone Apps for Tweens and Teens

By: Kathy Trainor  Everyone knows  Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.   You are starting to hear about Instagram and Tinder but do you know the rest of the apps on your teens phone? Do you really know the Apps Teens and Tweens Use? In this rapidly changing digital world, it’s crucial for parents to be  “Online.” I … More Popular Smartphone Apps for Tweens and Teens

Summer DIY Projects

By: Kathy Trainor  This summer we are looking to redo an old camper. We want to turn it into a play house for the kids. We also want to use it as a learning tool for ourselves to learn to build and repair things. We don’t know how much about home repair, but we figured … More Summer DIY Projects

Playground Moms

By: Kathy Trainor  The slide, the swing and the see-saw- all places for kids to explore and play. You see groups of moms setting up shop in the bench and you are left looking around going OH BOY what did I get myself into.. Even if you have your favorite coffee with you the people … More Playground Moms