Why is Christmas Caroling a Thing of the Past?

By: Robin Ruehrwein

I remember being at a Christmas party years ago, with my parents, at their friend’s house in a little town called Sharon.  It was a pretty big party from what I can remember.  I would guesstimate that I was probably about 7 at the time.  It was a night time party and I remember that all of a sudden the doorbell rang. Almost immediately the person that answered the door called everyone over to look out the door and/or windows.  I looked out one of their front windows and there was a huge group of carolers. There were at least 25 people. I don’t remember what they sang, but they stayed for a few songs. It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen in my entire life.  It was my first and last time seeing carolers. I can honestly say that is one of my top 10 childhood memories.

I suppose in this day and age it’s not really safe to ring a stranger’s doorbell and start singing for them, but it got me thinking that it’s sort of sad that things like that have been pushed to the wayside. I would love, love, love to see a group of carolers to come by and sing, though.  It would totally make my Christmas.

4 thoughts on “Why is Christmas Caroling a Thing of the Past?

  1. Don’t lose heart. I know of some folks who went caroling this year in groups and there are families like mine that do small caroling jaunts: For the past couple years, my children, husband and I have rung four neighbor’s doorbells, bringing homemade cookies and a song.

    As a child, I used go caroling with my dad’s Boy scout troop as kids and know I will encourage similar when my kids are old enough to participate in such groups.

    Also, maybe your desire to have caroling make a comeback can metamorphose into a get-to-know-the-neighbors campaign. Folks can spend the year getting to know their neighbors better which will pave the way for future caroling. You should write your next post on ideas for reintroducing a neighborly spirit in today’s communities. 🙂

  2. My kids were begging me to go caroling this year. If you want, the Berry Family Singers can swing by and belt out a couple of carols for you…can’t promise we’ll be on key but we’ll look good trying 🙂

  3. What fabulous crtioaens by the DT. That Rudolph doing the splits is so cute and that paper lantern is gorgeous. Lots of inspiration here.Thanks for a great challenge.Blessings,Teresa

  4. I was thinking about times past and my dad and his friends organizing a Christmas Caroling party. We used to have a block party, cookout, and then go on a big hayride and sing Christmas Carols for hours. I remember all the people coming outside to listen and the smiles on their faces. It was so fun,but the best part was seeing other people happy. I was a child then, maybe 3rd grade. I started thinking I should organize a party like that for my children and grandchildren, but I didn’t know how it would go over. I love your post,but I don’t know if you will get my comment as your post has been awhile. Thank you for letting me remember the good old days. 😊

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