Welcome to the World Emme Grace!

Emme Grace Pimental

We’re excited to share that mommy blogger, Tanya Pimental, had her baby!  Her little girl, Emme Grace, arrived on Tuesday, Dec. 13 at 7:25 pm, weighing 6 lbs 12 oz and 19.5 inches.

There’s no other better person to tell you of how Emme Grace came into the world other than the new proud mom of three herself – Tanya:

Our sweet little girl came into the world fast and furious! She decided at 39w2days that it was time to come let her momma get to wrapping without a giant belly in the way.

I put Jack down for a rest around and decided to lay down myself. I had not slept the night before and was exhausted.  About an hour later, Jack came in and I had to get up to go get Lucy from school.  Well, when I stood up I had a small gush and thought it may be my water.  I had no contractions to speak of and figured I’d see where things went.  So after using the bathroom and realizing I had not just peed my pants, we went and picked Lucy up from school.  I think I was in denial.

Then because I was feeling fine, I decided to drop off a box of books I had to donate in my car.  We were home about 3:30 pm and I thought that things may be starting.  No real timable contractions, but I was feeling crampy.  So I decided to touch base with my husband, Tom, to come home.  Since he works 45 minutes away and longer with traffic, this was probably not the best idea to have waited on doing in hind sight.  So at 4:30 pm I told him he should come home and he bolted out of the office.  I also asked Stacie to come over to stay with Lucy and Jack since the on-call doctor said to come in to labor and deliver.  My doctor was sadly on vacation this week.  After getting everything settled and the dishwasher loaded, off we went.  It was so strange to experience things this way since my other two had been early morning elective inductions.

On the way to the hospital at 6 pm, I was contracting about 3 minutes apart and getting uncomfortable, but I really thought I had a long night ahead.  By 6:45 pm the contractions were really intense, I wasn’t even admitted yet.  That all happened after she was born!  Imagine the nurses giggle as they hand me a consent form for them to deliver my baby that I was holding!

The nurses checked me at 7:00 pm and I was 8cm.  There was a ton of pressure and I knew there was no time for any pain meds.  That’s when I turned into an alternate personality.  The swearing and screaming was out of control.  But somehow I was myself in between, Tom thought it was quite amusing.  I was begging to push and asking for the doctor.  He literally walked in and in two pushes out she was.  It was pretty awesome.

Emme Grace weighed in at 6lbs 12oz, 19.5 inches.  Her apgars were 8 and 9.  Just like her brother, she was smurf blue with the cord around her neck at birth, but she pinked right up.  She has the same dark hair that Lucy had when she was born.  I see a bit of both of them in her.  It was amazing to see how alert she was right away and through the night. I guess she is getting ready to be on the alert with her two older siblings. We are in love!

For more photos of Emma Grace, visit Tanya’s blog at http://www.thepimentals.com/?p=6306

From all of us here at Signature Healthcare and Tufts Medial Center – congratulations Tanya!

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