By: Tanya Pimental

As I started to think about what to write and share for this post, my two oldest exclaimed, “we cuddling together!”  It made me think about the relationships in our house and how they change by the minute.  Before I could even start typing, they were both whining and crying about something that I could not determine through the tears.  It’s never a dull moment around here.  Some of the sweetest moments go unnoticed, but once in awhile I witness the real special bond between siblings.  It’s a bonus when my camera can capture it.

Six weeks ago we threw a third into the mix and that has surely changed things around here.  They have had three years of just having one another to team up with. One of the first things people ask us is how the kids are doing with the baby.  I can say with certainty they love her.  Maybe even a little too much.

Our daughter will be six this spring and as suspect she plays the role of second mother all day long.  She wants to hold and hug her every chance she gets.  We are constantly telling her that the baby needs space and that she isn’t to pick her up and wander around the house.  As much as a hand in getting a diaper can be, I sometimes find myself wishing for less help.

The middle man seems to have embraced being the brother.  He gets a little in her face at times and she gets that deer in headlight look, but he seems to be fine with her in our lives.  My favorite thing in the world is to hear him sing to her.  My husband is the middle of three, flanked by two sisters.  So hopefully he and our hockey loving kid will have a special bond and they can one day compare notes about having two sisters.

I can only hope that my kids continue to enjoy being with one another as they grow up.  I am sure we’ll have some harder times ahead and I can imagine they won’t always be friends.  My brother and I certainly had many years where we hardly knew one another, but now as adults I am so thrilled to say he’s one of my best friends.  Having a sibling is forever and it’s something I am so blessed to have been able to give my children.

2 thoughts on “Siblings

  1. I LOVE this blog!!! There were many years of sibling rivalry between my brother and I too. Today I proud to say he is my best friend and I love spending time with him! Great job Tanya!!

  2. What beautiful sharing…

    My siblings and I are all within five years of each other in age, so grew up close with love-hate relationships playing out all the time. Since adulthood, we have gone through stages of being best friends, strangers and somewhere in between. But, one thing that is never questioned is love and support when needed.

    With my own three children, I am forever charmed with their love and together-play and equally frustrated by the Jeckle-and-Hyde changes at times –with fighting, whining and whatnot. Through it all, though, i see incredible bonds forming – a true love and trust that will last a lifetime. It’s awesome

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