Summer Slide Saving Tips

By: Martianne Stanger

Lately, almost every store I walk into has children’s workbooks for sale.  While I know these are geared toward preventing summer slide, in our home, we use – and re-use – them for quiet-time activities, passing them each from one child to the next.

“How does one re-use a consumable workbook?” one might ask.


Take a page protector and cut it open one side.  Then, slide it onto whatever workbook page your child wants to work on.

Offer whatever your preferred dry-erase markers or crayons are.  (Our latest favorite is pictured below.  Although, be warned, we have discovered not all the colors will wash off dry erase boards if left on too long.)


Erase.  (We find taking the page protector the page before erasing is best.  That way there are no accidental smears.)

Enjoy the same page again or try a new one!

Frugal, fun and educational!

How do you save money while stretching dollars?

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