Small Treasures

By: Sandy Churchill Is there such a thing as a “nature hoarder”? Truly, I prefer the term “appreciator”, “collector” or “crafter”.  As a six year-old, I scrambled to collect rocks and pebbles of myriad colors and unusual shapes, some sparkly, some striped, and tried to hoard them in my bureau drawer nicknamed by my mom … More Small Treasures

Hoarders to Help: A Journey of Friendship

By: Sandy Churchill   “I say this with all the love in the world,” confided my dear friend Kerry to me recently. “Don’t buy another pencil!” A fellow homeschooler, my friend understood my frenzied life-style enough to “get” my obsession with school supplies—but also point out that part of our organizational chaos at home is … More Hoarders to Help: A Journey of Friendship

Indoor Crafts

By: Alison Puzia, Guest Contributor We’re finally there- the homestretch until spring break, warmer weather and the kids playing outdoors. If your kids are going a little stir crazy, we have some great, indoor craft ideas that they will love! 1. Do you keep all of your magazines, assuming you’ll go back and make those … More Indoor Crafts

5 Ideas for Families to Spend Valentine’s Day

By: Alison Puzia, Guest Contributor Before you head out to your big Valentine’s Day date, celebrate with your kids. Here are 5 ideas to get the whole family involved. 1. Prepare a fun, yet healthy treat for Valentine’s Day dinner with the family, like these meatloaf cupcakes with mashed potato frosting. We all associate Valentine’s … More 5 Ideas for Families to Spend Valentine’s Day

Sochi Excitement

By: Tanya Pimental  Not many people that I know love the winter and the cold.  I, however, really do love a crisp cold day.  I don’t typically bundle up much. And I actually like to shovel, even though my husband likes to joke that I never do. Winter sports are also my favorite.  So as … More Sochi Excitement

Costume Character

By: Sandra L. Churchill Another Halloween has flown by and memories of costume challenges, pumpkin carving, and trick-or-treating will be scrapbook-ready when I have a moment to download the latest pictures. It occurred to me that costumes have been central to our family fun and teamwork over the years. We have sewn, glued, painted, beaded, … More Costume Character