Yardley Wood Rink

By: Tanya Pimental

Our family recently discovered a new fun spot: Yardley Wood Rink. Located next to the Center School on Depot Street in Easton, it is definitely worth checking out this winter!  My hockey-loving little man was pretty excited to have fun on the ice. I have driven past the location before, but I had no idea how great it actually was until we went skating this past weekend.


I liked the rink’s page on Facebook, which is a great way to find out if the ice is open to the community and if there are any upcoming events. A few weeks ago they held a skating exchange event.  I was able to swap Lucy’s old skates for a new pair that fit.  She was so happy to have better skates. They still have skates available in various sizes for a $15 donation, which goes toward maintaining the community supported rink. It may be worth it to check there for some used skates for your little one.  Used skates are great when those little feet grow so quickly.


There are ample benches lined up around the rink for lacing up your skates or taking a break when your legs get tired. They provide milk grates for beginner skaters who are looking for some balance and even extra helmets and sticks for those wanting to try their hand at hockey.  And, the far end of the ice is roped off for those playing hockey.


Our family loves fire pits and hot cocoa and, lucky for us, Yardley Wood Rink has both! You can warm up by the fire or grab something from the snack shack. Enjoy the music and then if you find yourself staying until after the sun sets, they have lights for you to continue skating.


Weather you’re a season hockey player or just learning to skate, you’ll certainly create some new winter memories here.  And if you are able to get there, be sure to look for me there cheering on my family as they face off at center ice.

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