By: Tanya Pimental

Today, I am tired.  My brain is struggling to make sense of the simplest of things.  Winter has held on strong around here but today the sun in shining and it makes me want to let the kids play outside but I just don’t have the energy. I am certain I am not the only mom longing for a power nap. And because that can’t happen, I instead share with you things that are reality in our house, hoping it may make you feel better about the less-than-stellar realities in your own life.

Having funEvery. Single. Day.  My kids take off all the couch cushion to build a fort.  They lose their minds and cry when it won’t stay off or the youngest of the bunch knocks it down in godzilla fashion. I silently pray that they will just leave the couches alone and in fact often request they not take them off.  But they don’t listen and instead do what they set out to do.  And today, I found a gross rotting apple core underneath the cushions. It had clearly been there a few days. Luckily it was so gross that no one wanted to eat it. Someday when I can buy grown up furniture, I’d like to buy a couch where the cushions don’t come off. However, I know that it won’t matter since that won’t happen until the days of fort building are long over.

The middle man in our house often asks to play on my cell phone.  I often oblige only to find that he has downloaded ten different apps and has not played with any of them.  Most of the time I monitor the activity by ear and listen for the appropriateness of what he is doing.  Today when I was unsure he was playing something ok for a 4 year old, he responded with, “Mom. It has baby zombies in it, that’s kid appropriate. They are not grown up zombies.”  Awesome.

Most days if I am not headed to the gym for a bit, I shower and get dressed in the usual jeans and a sweater.  Today I was on the fence about going because the baby has a cold, so I threw on my yoga pants for school drop offs. And instead of getting to the gym to make Toys in the toiletthese yoga pants dirty with sweat, they are covered in several things that I can only guess at identifying.  I am pretty sure there is snot from two different children, peanut butter, ketchup, and whatever liquid I had sat in. These pants are like a piece of art work.

While I could continue to share in the delightful things going on here at the moment, I will leave you with the following scene.  C+C Music Factory is playing on my Pandora, I can see from the corner of my eye that crayons and markers are spilled all over the floor, and a pair of socks just landed in the toilet. And I know that my reality is that I fish something out of the toilet at least once a day.

8 thoughts on “Reality

  1. Thank you! I had one of those days today and actually blogged about being tired too, wishing I could have a mommy time-out.

  2. My problem is legos all over my floor along with crayons. My daughter loves to scribble on my walls!! I can so relate to this. Great blog Tanya!

  3. This is awesome….A very accurate report of being a Mom….And yes someday you will have that grown up couch…..One day you will wake up and they will be all grown with lives and maybe little ones of their own and you can sit and remember and chuckle about how it was when they were little and a small part of your heart will wish that you had that old kid couch with the “gross apple core” under it…Love ya….

  4. But at the end of the day you have three beautiful, happy, healthy kids that are so very lucky to have one of best mom’s who encourages expressing themselves and using their imagination which is always AMAZING to watch unfold. The reality is that Mom’s are the strongest of our species and it is unbelievable how much we can endure and be blessed at the end of the day. Love you!!

  5. Threw away an apple core that was on an end table, and had been, for a few days. And my kids are big! I will say that if you ever have movers coming to help you, I recommend checking under furniture before they get there. I have been totally embarrassed by some of the items located during that process. Ewww……

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