A Mouse, A Duped Dad and a Plea For YOUR Tips

By: Martianne Stanger

“Mommy, a mouse!”  my oldest son Luke called.  I thought he was kidding.  We’d been talking earlier in the day about how Grampy and his friends once had a running prank with each other that revolved around mice.

Then, I saw it.

My son was not kidding.  As I looked at where Luke pointed, I saw the tiny varmint hurry towards the heater.

While I groaned in dismay, my daughter Nina enthused, “I did not know they were so small, Mommy.”

There I was debating how best to purge the small, gray disease-spreader from our house, while my daughter cooed over it.  Yes, Nina immediately became endeared by the little critter as it padded its way right across our kitchen floor, and now, she no longer wants to believe that mice can be “dangerous,” germy creatures that belong outside. And, of course, Nina’s siblings have followed suit.

In fact, later during the “mouse day,” when I called my husband’s cell phone and left a message saying that he might want to stop for some mouse repellent or traps on his way home, my daughter pleaded, “Don’t kill it.  It’s one of God’s creatures.”  The words were barely out of her mouth, when her little brother Jack chimed in, “Don’t hurt it.  I doh wan Mum hurt da mouse.”  Then, together, Jack and Nina decided that I should put gloves on, catch the cute creature that God made and put it outside where its home should be.

Of course, I immediately shot down my youngest children’s suggestion with the gentle, yet firm, explanation that if we put Mr. Mouse outside in the yard, he would just find his way back inside looking for food or warmth.

Mouse trap

Just as quickly, my oldest son Luke began to retort.  He came up with grandiose plans about trapping our new house guest (and any of its friends that might be congregating in our walls, basement or attic!) and relocating them to faraway places where no houses are.  Nina and Jack got in on the planning, and, as things turned out, roped Daddy into it.

Yes, indeed, Daddy never got my phone message and, then, a day later, when he did go to secure mouse traps, our children persuaded him to get live catch ones.

That’s right. Live. Catch. Traps. For quick-breeding varmint!

When my happy children and duped husband came home to present the traps, it was all I could do to smile at the fact that we’ve taught our children to respect life so much that they extend this respect to mice.

I did not relish the prospect of beginning the Stanger Household’s Mr. Mouse Catch, Carry, and Release Relocation Project.  I just wanted the varmint out of my house– and the sooner the better! So, I let my husband know in no uncertain terms that while I would willingly bait and set the traps, he would have to deal with them once they began shaking with the “cute little creatures.” The children were not to touch the traps or the mice, but they could accompany Daddy to some unpopulated reaches where Daddy could release our “little friends” while the children waved farewell to them.

Oddly, since then, there has been yet a mouse to be seen.  There were some to be heard, in the walls, a night later.  But there were none in the traps and there was no evidence.  Dare I hope that since we respected their lives, they decided to respect our home and moved outside on their own? Doubt it.

Am I glad that I still have to deal with a trap shaking with a scared little mouse while my husband is at work? You bet!

Am I also thinking on how to reclaim our home as OURS – not ours and the rodents -without upsetting my children?  Yes.  So, please, dear readers, let me know your best mouse advice.

I would think Mr. Mouse has a Mrs. and, even as I type this, Mr. and Mrs. are together somewhere in our walls, attic, or basement, rapidly reproducing.  The thought makes me cringe.

Do share your mouse-tales and tips.  Thanks.

5 thoughts on “A Mouse, A Duped Dad and a Plea For YOUR Tips

  1. It’s funny reading this because we discovered a mouse in our house a few days back, I am not so fond of rodents so its no surprise that I ended up screaming the place down which resulted in the mouse hurrying off … I still don’t know it’s where abouts and often creep around in fear. But we decided to get a plug in mouse repellent which gives off sonic sound waves which is a frequency we can’t hear but deters rodents, I haven’t heard anything from the mouse since so perhaps it’s working.

    Love your blog, keep us posted on mr mouse story lets hope they don’t make another unwanted appearance. X

  2. We live on our family farm, and when it’s crop season for our neighbors, it’s mouse season for us. The ones here are so brave, with me alone, they’ll come right out as I’m crossing the garage floor or moving water tanks in fields, look up and chat gibberish at me, and mosey on about their way. My husband initially felt poison and the killing traps were inhumane. He got glue traps, and then, when one would get caught at midnight and someone had to get rid of them (not me…I didn’t support the glue theory), he eventually got tired of it and had to, well, rid us of them himself. Now, we put poison inside our cabinet baseboards. We either unscrew the air vent, or slide out the base board (my hubby’s real handy with that stuff), and put a tray of poison in. Then, you use a pie plate type of dish/bowl, and provide them a water source somewhere your innocent children won’t see them. The poison reacts when introduced to water, and that’s when they die. So, ours would always curl up and “sleep” right by our garage fridge. Now we put water either in the crawl space or way out in the backyard. My hubby waged war last week…they invaded his garden (because our house is always stocked with poison now…hunting dogs and mice don’t mesh) and he caught 17 in one day! Yes…quick breeding varmits!

  3. OMG! I hate the glue traps! I am not squeamish by nature, but one of the worst nights ever with my boys was when a mouse got caught on one and then was dragging it around behind him in the kitchen (front feet were not stuck). It was horrible. Not as horrible as the time I reached in to clean the debris out of the pool filter and pulled out a soft, cold, dead chipmunk in my bare hand, but still pretty horrible. I like those traps that kill them, but you don’t have to see them. We had some good luck with those. I avoid poison since the time I was pregnant with my first (sensitive to smell) and we had to put out rat poison and the critters crawled off to die in my attic. The smell was overwhelming to me.

  4. Loved this..reminded me of similar story when a flying squirrel swooped down the chimmney (they fly down but can not fly up?) and landed softly on our sofa to the glee of my three 5 year olds. Panic — how to protect those babies from rabies. “Super Mom” donned a shield (toy box cover) and cape (blanket) and encouraged the varmint out the window. Upon success, I turned to my three babies expecting applause and a ticker tape parade…..NOT. All I saw were tears and sobs of “But Mom, Cinderella loves squirrels!” (Note: I was later informed it was unwise to try to corner the squirrel. Oh dear.)

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