Cape Bound

By: Tanya Pimental

It’s hard to believe today is our last day school.  Usually we have a week or so between the end of the school routine, before heading off to the Cape Cod for some vacation time.  Each year we spend the week of July Fourth exploring all our Cape Cod favorites and the forecast is looking a bit dismal to say the least.  However, I am ever hopeful we will have a great time.

Cape Code Childrens MuseumThe Cape Cod Children’s Museum is a great treasure.  It’s small, but there are so many things there for the kids to explore.  One of my favorite things is the hands-on crafts/activities that they usually have going on.  Our kids talk fondly of this regularly.  The large pirate ship climbing structure in the middle is pretty cool for those that like fancy pirates like we do.

We have not yet had a chance to check out the Zooquarium, but it is on our list to do this year (if the weather cooperates).  On a whim we recently were in that area and visited, but sadly they were closed … but we will certainly try again!  If you do head there one day, be sure to hit up Captain Parkers for lunch or dinner.  They really have the very best clam chowder.  The cup I ordered was not enough – and I’ll indulge in a full bowl next time!

Our vacation is in Sandwich and one of the local spots there is the Trout Fish Hatchery.  It is the oldest in the country in fact. We bring lots of quarters and a few plastic cups for the kids to get fish food.  They love watching them jump for the food.  It’s a beautiful and peaceful place to visit for a little bit.  This is located on 6A in Sandwich, just past the center.  The bonus is that it is free, aside from the few quarters that are a donation for the fish food.  I would recommend some hand sanitizer for when you are done.  You might even get splashed a little bit.  It’s a nice place for the young and old alike.

If you have a need or desire to do some shopping, the Cape Cod Mall has a lovely carousel inside. Last time we were there, they also had glow in the dark golf.  My kids ask to do that every time they see it, but it’s a little tough with the youngest in tow.  I personally like to take a peek at Marshalls while I am there.

One of the true gems in Sandwich is the Heritage Gardens and Museum.  We visit here several times a year.  With little ones, the Hidden Hollow is a real hands on treat.  You can climb in the tree house, build teepees, make music, and so much more.  The old cars are really neat and they too have a carousel you can ride.

Heritage Music

HeritageAnother place we have not yet gone is the Cape Cod Chip Factory.  We eat these regularly and I think the kids might enjoy this.  Somehow we just forget it is there.  Maybe this year we will get there.

It of course wouldn’t be summer on the Cape without a few days at the beach.  The options are endless with the area beaches.  We love to visit the Sandwich boardwalk because we can walk down there and float in the river and splash in the small pools of water that form with the tides.   A few years back I shared my beach essentials that you should check out as well.   One tip is to check the tide charts for the beach you will visiting and be sure to have some cash on hand for those snack shacks.

My last key recommendation is to try out all the different ice cream shops.  It’s crucial you eat ice cream every day of your vacation!  That’s what my family believes anyway.  And now that I have shared all of our favorites and a few other things you may enjoy that we have not yet done, I guess it’s time I start packing!

Ice Cream

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