Shortest Summer Ever

By: Tanya Pimental

It cannot be true that it is already August. I am in complete denial that I have a pile of back-to-school clothes sitting on my dresser. There is still so much fun to be had, but the days are dwindling.

It was tough for school to go so late this year. We didn’t end until June 28, and then the holiday and our annual summer vacation followed immediately after school let out.  I truly enjoy the summer and the special time with my kids.

Sliding Lu


It’s no stretch that after Memorial Day, I was ready to begin the summer fun. Now I’m not ready for them to go back. And, to be fully honest, I’m not ready for my middle man to be gone full time in Kindergarten, but that’s a whole other topic.

My kids and I have been enjoying slower-paced mornings and many adventures. We have crossed off many of the activities on each of their bucket lists, including mini golf, going to the beach, eating ice cream, and seeing a movie in the theater.

Jack Summer


We have also tried to take advantage of our museum reciprocity, visiting the Providence Children’s Museum twice and the Roger Williams Zoo.  I hope to have a chance to share some specifics from those family fun days soon.  If you have not yet obtained a local museum membership and taken advantage of the reciprocity program, then you don’t know what you are missing. Our family of five saves a ton using this program. It’s also great to be able to take the kids somewhere new from time to time without breaking the bank.

Our days on the Cape have been full of fun and smiles. I been trying to capture those moments, but chasing the youngest and constantly fulfilling someone’s needs makes it hard for me to keep my camera on hand. Luckily my cell phone is usually on hand, so proof of our summer is evident on Facebook.

Ice Cream Emme

After a bit of a heat wave that had us all melting and spending time indoors for our own safety, we were suddenly hit with cooler weather this week, which brought a dose of reality. With less than a month to enjoy the rest of summer, I hope we can eat more ice cream, enjoy one more weekend on the Cape, and try a few other new places.  A library trip hasn’t happened yet and that wade pool we had plans to visit has been out of our reach for yet another summer.

Can we figure out how to just slow things down?  Or can someone help me feel like I am not full steam ahead at all times?  This summer is already a blur. In the number of days, it really the shortest summer ever.

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