Enjoy the Festivities in Plymouth on the Weekend Before Thanksgiving!

By: Martianne Stanger

Thanksgiving is coming! Do you know what that means?

For some, it means feasting, football and family.  For my family, it also means offering a cornucopia of thanks, plus enjoying outdoor fun and a step back into history.

For several years running, we have thoroughly enjoyed heading over to Plymouth the weekend before Thanksgiving in order to enjoy the annual weekend of Thanksgiving festivities there.

Some years we hit the concerts. Others, we take the kids to see the world-famous Clydesdales.  On occasion, we have opted to ante-up the $12 per grown up and $7 per child that it costs in order to indulge in the New England Food Festival, filling ourselves with delectable soups, chowders, desserts and more.


Most years, we enjoy viewing the opening ceremony to the parade – with its music, USCG demos, flyover and more – as well taking in at least part of the parade, before hitting many of the waterfront activities.

Making flour

The free kids’ tent is always a hit with our family (and provides a warm place to step out of the autumn chill some years!).

The Wampanoag Pavilion offers an opportunity for our children to learn a more balanced view of history than my husband or I ever learned in school. There, our children get a chance to ask questions, hear differing perspectives of history and try out some of the hands-on activities America’s indigenous people once did.

Wampanoag canoe The nearby historical village then usually keeps our children engaged and asking questions long after my husband and I are ready to call it a day. In fact, last year, our history-loving children begged to return to Plymouth a second day in a row simply because they could not get enough of chatting with the re-enactors, testing out olden-day equipment and playing games in the village on the day of the parade.

Nina in defense helmet

Whether we attend the free Friday night concert, the parade or the Sunday activities, we always feel grateful to live so close to “America’s Hometown.” Truly, the Thanksgiving Celebration provides opportunities for everyone – young and old – to  enjoy themselves, and, if desired, become further educated about the history.

This year’s event schedule can be found here.

America's Hometown

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