By: Heather Desmond O’Neill

Ahhhh November.  The month where people post reasons why they are “thankful” each day. Well, I could go on and on listing reasons why I am thankful, but they all seem to Weddingrevolve around one thing…. My husband.

I’m thankful that I let him turn my chair around one night and start a conversation.

I’m thankful that it was raining the night we met and we spent extra time talking in the car.

I’m thankful that after 5 years of dating he asked me to marry him.

I’m thankful for his wonderful family, which has embraced me as a daughter, sister, and friend.

I’m thankful that we both have jobs that allow us to make payments on a place we call home.

I’m thankful for the gift he gave me on March 18, 2008 that bestowed upon me the title of Mama.

I’m thankful for the shared responsibilities of changing diapers, warming bottles, folding laundry and cooking meals.

I’m thankful that he mows the lawn, shovels snow and takes out the trash.

I’m thankful for his support and assistance while I earned a Masters Degree, a C.A.G.S. and continue to take classes to further my education.

FamilyI’m thankful for giving my son a playmate and best friend on September 2, 2010.

I’m thankful for his help juggling of our daily lives.

I’m thankful for naps.

I’m thankful for finding someone who gets me.

I’m thankful that he loves me for me.

I’m thankful to know the true meaning of unconditional love.

I couldn’t ask for a better person, partner or friend. I am truly blessed to have met someone who is such a caring, giving and loving person. In his words, “We may not be perfect, but we are perfect for each other.” For this, I am thankful.

3 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. I absolutely enjoyed reading this post.. And as much as we don’t really celebrate thanksgiving in Kenya, I’m inspired to blog about all the reasons I’m thankful.. If you’d allow me..:))
    Thank you so much..

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