Christmas Cards

By: Heather Desmond O’Neill

I love Christmas Cards.  I love getting them.  I love creating them.

I get giddy sometimes opening cards, especially when they are picture cards.  Seeing other people’s kids, families, dogs, whatever brings me joy.   I line my kitchen cabinets with the faces of friends and family so I can enjoy them throughout the holiday season.

I also appreciate the cards from people who do not send pictures. It truly means so much to think that someone took the time to sign, write out an envelope and pay to actually mail something to our family.

I have fun trying to create cards with my kids.  I remember dreading taking the annual Christmas Card Photo as a kid.  My mom would dress us up in August and try and set some sort of festive scene.  (Back then it took much longer to develop the film and create photo cards.)  Today I can snap a picture, upload it, order prints and have them at my doorstep within 24 hours.

I remember being so happy the first Christmas I had my son.  I could officially send out the “here’s a picture of my kid” Christmas Card!  We’ve done cards every year, but this is by far my favorite:


I don’t want to sound as though I live to create Christmas Cards, but I like having the boys dressed in some sort of festive attire. They will probably be scarred for life, but hey, I’m having fun.

The next two years were ok cards. Apparently I’m a fan of the Santa hats…



Two years ago, the “smile factor” just wasn’t happening.  This is what I got:


I took it and ran with it.  This was exactly what I was experiencing – holiday excitement to the max.

The response I got from people was amazing.  People really connected with it.  I did feel a little pang of guilt when I saw it hanging next to other cards where children were dressed to perfection, or genuinely smiling for the camera, but this was real life and this was the best I was going to get that year.

I wish you and yours a very happy holiday season.  May the cards you receive from those thinking of you brighten your day as much as the ones I receive brighten mine.   

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