Grown-up Christmas List

By: Sandra L. Churchill

“The stockings are hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there…”

Clement C. Moore might have been talking about toys and sugarplums in his classic “The Night Before Christmas,” but we moms are a bit more practical! I took some time during the latest snow-sparkled errand-run to ponder what would most help us out as busy moms in a stressed-out world.


Here is my grown-up Christmas List:

  1. Time: More time to get ready in the morning, get work done on deadline, finish chores and squeeze in exercise… but especially more time to savor the present, enjoy special times with our children, bond, and build memories that will last a life-time.
  2. Sleep: More time to get the rest we need so we can hit the ground running and actually enjoy our morning coffee without the rush to guzzle caffeine to jump-start the day.
  3. Hugs: Who can’t use more hugs? They keep us going, remind us who we are and how much we need each other.
  4. Encouragement: Can we all resolve in 2014 to build each other up instead of tear one another down? Whether it’s work or parenting or fitness or fun, can we lift each other up and serve as a voice that’s good and positive and welcoming and uplifting as we muddle our way through the ups and downs of life?
  5. Fresh Air: Yes, that’s right—fresh air. Outdoorsy, take-a-walk, look-at-the-moon, hike-in-the-snow fresh air that rejuvenates the soul and sparks creativity and energy.
  6. Joy: Permission to relax and leave the to-do list undone. Dare I say it? Undone! Leaving some things for tomorrow—without the guilt! Choosing to be happy and ignore our to-do’s now and then.
  7. Slack: Reminding ourselves that we are doing the best we can and cutting ourselves the “slack” that we often give others but repeatedly deny ourselves. Forgiving ourselves when tempers are short, disappointment ruins an otherwise good day, or stress wins out over joy.
  8. Alice: Yes, Alice. I want Alice from the Brady Bunch to stop in, clean my house, organize my address book, offer sage advice on the latest household crisis, and have soup simmering on the stove. I can dream…
  9. Girlfriend GPS: I want a new, revolutionary model of GPS that does so much more than provide driving directions. I want it to remind me when I’ve forgotten my phone, library book, or bills to mail. I want it to suggest coffee places en route and provide reminders on my favorite bookstores or shopping haunts. And I need it to provide encouragement in traffic (“hang in there—you’re almost there!”) or while I’m on my seventh stop of the daily round (“great job—last errand for the day!”)
  10. Gratitude: This one I can do right here, right now, but I’m wishing for it anyway—as a self-motivator to count my blessings and not my troubles. To be thankful each and every day, and to try to shine that hopeful and grateful spirit back to all those I encounter throughout the day.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everybody! Here’s wishing your holiday dreams come true!

2 thoughts on “Grown-up Christmas List

  1. This list is great! My favorite is #8: Alice. We all need an Alice. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Terrific blog post. Thanks Sandy.

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