Mom’s Trip to the ER

By: Martianne Stanger

Last week closed with drama for me as strange, sudden discomfort in my pelvis and back turned to acute pain that landed me in the ER for the day.  All’s well now, but, I will tell you, that having such sudden, severe pain come on when I was home alone with my children was daunting.

I think I was more concerned about getting care for my kids than I was about dialing 9-1-1 for myself.  I just could not bear to call for an ambulance until I knew that my children were safely in the care of someone we knew. Thankfully, I have a wonderful neighbor who answered her door and came right over.

Just as thankfully, my husband was able to leave work almost immediately upon hearing about my plight, and my parents, too, came to our instant aid.  My mom drove over to my home to relieve my neighbor from watching my children, so that she could get on with her day, and my dad went straight to the hospital to meet me shortly after I arrived in the ambulance.  He stayed with me there until my husband could get there.

Other family and friends offered love, prayers and support as soon as they heard about what was happening.

And, of course, ambulance and hospital staff took great care of me.

So it was, even as I suffered through physical pain, I was immersed in gratitude.  When Momma went to the ER, her network of support was strong.  I am truly blessed.

I pray that other moms, dads, adults and children who need emergency care are buoyed up by such support, too.

May you stay healthy, and, should you not, may you at least be held in literal and figurative hands of love, service and skill.

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