Follow Those Herring at Local Festivals

By: Martianne Stanger


For my children, one of the highlights of spring each year is seeing the herring run by visiting local runs as a family and going on annual field trips with an area homeschool group. There’s just something magical about the annual migration of herring back to their breeding grounds. The way they swim upstream…the fish glistening in the water… the chance to observe the amazing instinct of herring from alongside a stream… It’s awesome!

Better still for many is the chance to enjoy the herring running at
local festivals!  If you and yours would like to do so, here are two festivals you might enjoy:


You may also enjoying learning more about herring runs with this handy brochure from Mass Gov or, with littles, extending your herring experience through enjoying mini-play-and-learn units on fish.

I bet other communities are welcoming herring with a festival, too.  Please post about your town’s events in the comments so we can check them out!

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