Last Minute Gift Ideas

By: Lauren Tankle


We are in the home stretch of the Christmas season with one weekend left to get everything together. I was putting together some of the presents I’ll need for Christmas this week in an attempt to be less of a procrastinator than usual andavoid shopping this weekend. It’s only taken me seven Christmases to finally learn to stay clear of the holiday chaos.

I put together some images of my gifts in attempts to get the wheels turning for gift ideas and help people hone in on what places you will have to tackle this upcoming shopping weekend instead of wandering blindly to all these busy stores.


1. Tweens

In my opinion, the hardest people to shop for. They are on the line of not liking toys anymore but definitely look forward to opening some type of present. I got my tween cousins some Pjs, a journal, gel pens, and slime kits because, apparently, that’s a hot item this year. They had a display of slime kits at my local Walmart so it worked out nice.


2. Your kids teacher

It’s hard to buy a gift for someone you occasionally smile and wave to at school events. but my son’s teacher deserves the effort of this difficult task because she deals with the difficult task of being in a room with 18 kids every day. I once saw her walk into school with a Dunkin’ Donuts beverage while I was in the drop off line at school so I thought this coffee based gift was a good idea. I grabbed a couple items from a local shop totaling maybe $20 and a DD gift card.


3. The 30-something bachelor

The mind of a 30-something bachelor living on his own is total uncharted territory for me; but I saw this and thought, “hey, maybe I would play this if I didn’t have a child to care for the next day.”



4. The couple you go on double dates with

What do you get a pair of people with totally different interests? I don’t have all the answers, but I know my husband and I loved getting movie tickets one year so we decided to go with a “movie night” themed present along with some movie tickets.


5. Your healthy friends

My sister got really into working out this past year and asked for something to accentuate that life style so I got her a fun tank, a yoga matt with handles, and a 10lb weight ball to use in her home exercises.


6. Home made goods!

If you have a bunch of people to get presents for, save yourself time money and an overall headache by making big batches of sugar scrubs or homemade soaps and handing it out individually. This is also good for your earthy, crunchy friends.



I hope this helps you come up with some gift ideas, and I want to wish you the best of luck out there this weekend! Don’t make eye contact, bring a first aid kit, and consider wearing knee pads. It could get ugly.

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