A Teacher’s Rant

By: Kathy Trainor The holiday season is fast approaching! There are always SO many gifts to buy and often people think to send one to a teacher. As a teacher I never expect a gift, but I am so thankful when someone has thought of me. Most teachers often feel it is a waste, as we … More A Teacher’s Rant

Do You Wrap?

By: Jessica DiRamio It’s a debate that I’ve seen get pretty heated amongst the Mom crowd.  I’ve seen Moms reduced to tears over the idea of doing it or not doing it.  I myself don’t do it. What is “IT,” you ask?  Wrapping Santa presents, of course! There are two clearly defined camps on this … More Do You Wrap?

Great Expectations

By: Sheila Gaudet After spending the weekend of family togetherness putting up Christmas decorations, I’m free to admit that there were moments…ok…hours…where I wondered if anyone would notice if I didn’t do it.  I have two school aged boys and a husband who all are part of the process, but I often feel like it’s … More Great Expectations

Two Family Gift Exchanges Ideas That Cost $5 or Less Per Person

By: Martianne Stanger The holiday season is upon us, and although it might bring joy to our hearts, it can also bring woe to our wallets.  That is, unless you have experienced the Evolution of Free Christmas as my extended family has. Yes, my siblings and I have chosen not to temper our eagerness to … More Two Family Gift Exchanges Ideas That Cost $5 or Less Per Person