Happy Holiday Traditions


We hope you an your family have a holiday season full of joy, love, health, and blessings.


Cheryl:  My favorite holiday tradition is to sing Christmas Carols with my neighbors at a nursing home. We have been doing it for the past eight years.


Deirdre: Our favorite tradition is simply decorating the tree. We have so many stories attached to each decoration. It’s a wonderful time to recollect.


Lauren: One of my favorite Christmas traditions is when we decorate the tree. We usually invite our parents and our siblings over and have Christmas music on and wear festive hats and sweaters. It doesn’t feel like Christmas up until that point. We always look forward to spending time with family. We have Christmas parties all of Christmas Eve and we make our rounds visiting family all Christmas Day. Merry Christmas from the Carmichael’s!


Tanya: Each year, we host Christmas Eve. I love having our family in our home. It’s always a night full of laughs. We eat the same comfort foods each year, including 5 pounds of meatballs that I make. The kids track Santa and we have Yankee Swap. Then when the festivities have wound down, we hustle to get everything set under the tree. There are always a few last minute gifts to wrap, and I always hope I don’t forget where I have hidden some things. I love to sit by the fire and have a glass of wine before trekking to bed exhausted but so full of joy. 

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