Here Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

By: Janice Johnson-Plumer

Just before the Christmas craze started, my son let me know what he wanted. My son doesn’t ask for things that he actually needs. Instead, like other kids, he seems to ask for big-ticket items that he assumes we can easily afford. Sometimes it seems like kids think that we parents can go outside and pull crisp, green one hundred dollar bill off of our money trees.

He began to tell me that he wanted foam posit sneakers, which were priced at $250 when they first came out. He then followed up with, “But Ma, now they cost only $200.”

“$200?” I asked. “Just $200?” He nodded his head, like I hang with Rockefeller on a daily basis.

I said, “Quincy, there is no way I could ever pay that for sneakers and I think Santa needs cash to work with to give to all the kids who want gifts. If you ask him for $200 sneakers that may take away from his ability to give to other kids.”

Now, my son is no fool. He looked at me like I have five heads.

“Please Mom, please!” he begs.

When we went to the mall he took me to the store, as if I was going to open up my wallet and slam $200 down like nobody’s business. I explained that in my heart of hearts I couldn’t do it.

I can’t believe the cost of things in this day and age. I remember how back in the day you could spend $50 and buy an entire outfit, shoes and accessories. Now sneakers (especially for my son since he takes a men’s size 10) are at least $100. He is growing by the hour and I just can’t keep up with the latest trends in sneakers. It’s like you buy a pair of sneakers and by next week they are on Ebay.

What works for me, and helps me look like a million bucks, is consignment. In my opinion, it’s the greatest thing since Suzanne Somers came out with the thigh master.

I know. You want to know how can I wear someone else’s clothes. It’s easy; I take them to the dry cleaner or I wash them myself.

Since I work in a business environment, I enjoy wearing a suit every now and again. So, I recently bought one that looks like I spent at least $100. Nope, I paid $5.00. And everyone asks where I bought it. No one (except for those of you reading this now!) has to know where I got it – it’s my little secret. I have found boots, handbags, and even a $16 coat that I swear looks like something Olivia Pope would wear on Scandal. I had to have it. Although I had to have the buttons sewn on a little bit tighter, I only paid $5.00 to have it done. When I have on my suit and that coat, you can’t tell me anything. I strut my stuff with less than $50 on my body. Who could beat that?

My suit
My suit
$16 coat
$16 coat

I recently went to my husband’s drycleaner and saw a dress hanging there. The dress was BCBG, which as many of you know, is a decent designer. It was for sale, since they sell items that are left there beyond 30 days. I asked how much and he said $5.00. I grabbed it was out of there so fast! I don’t think he realized the quality of the dress, but it was definitely my gain that day.

My new dress
My new dress

I figured the $200 that I did not spend on my son’s sneakers would be put to good use as I browsed through local consignment stores and the Salvation Army. There’s no shame in my game, and I must say I am looking pretty good.

What are your favorite items of clothing that you just love? I’d love to hear your finds!

4 thoughts on “Here Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

  1. Great finds! I love love love that dress!! And I admit, I also love shopping consignment!! My only complaint is that it takes time, to go through the racks and find the gems….with 2 young kids, that’s hard to do sometimes. But when I do have a free moment to myself, that’s one of my favorite things to do!! I found a pair of Express jeans, that fit like a glove, for $2!! A few months back they opened a Chic 2 Chic store near my house and I could spend hours in there cruising the racks.

    1. Hey Rachel V thanks for the reply. I love to go to consignment shops. My husband is like what are you getting out if those stores.? He couldn’t believe I bought the coat for so cheap. He likes when I wear it.

      I take my son and he waits in the car but he’s older. Or he’ll come in and keep asking when are we going to leave.

  2. That dress is amazing! I’d love to borrow it! Heck I’ll rent it from you for $5. Consignment was such a find after my first born. I don’t know why we can’t embrace it sooner.

  3. Hey Tanya. I love that dress. I actually got it at my husbands dry cleaners. He sells items that have been there for a long time.

    Thanks for your comment!

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