Sochi Excitement

By: Tanya Pimental 

Not many people that I know love the winter and the cold.  I, however, really do love a crisp cold day.  I don’t typically bundle up much. And I actually like to shovel, even though my Winter Olympicshusband likes to joke that I never do. Winter sports are also my favorite.  So as you can imagine, the Winter Olympics are exciting around here.  The commercials leading up to the games make me smile and I often long to raise an Olympian of my own.

I truly love the family time during the Olympics. During tonight’s opening games, we are going to craft family flags.  We will talk about the countries and the performance.  Let me admit to you all that I love the uniform for the USA team and wish I could get my hands on one of the sweaters.  The Olympics are such an amazing opportunity to teach and yet spend time together.  Being able to talk to the idea of Hockey jerseyteamwork, sacrifice, and talent is amazing. I have no doubt that my middle man will be longing to snow board in the coming weeks.

In anticipation of the games, I ordered shirts for the kids to wear to school and to get into the spirit of Team USA.  We’ll record the events for the kids to watch and get excited about it all.  Their requests so far are speed skating, hockey, figure skating, and snowboarding. I seriously love it all. I’m thankful to be able to share this with my kids, and I hope the experience is one they truly enjoy and hold onto throughout their lives.

During the summer Olympics, I shared this post with you all, Olympic Crafts.  I’m hoping to do some new things for the winter. We already kicked things off with some red, white, and blue Loom bracelets.  Next up Loom braceletswill be some gold, silver, and bronze ones.  I’ll think of some events for which they can win them.  The Olympics inspire me.

Hoping your family is on board with supporting our athletes and encouraging our kids in aspiring to greatness.  Despite all the negative media surrounding the games in Russia, it’s not relevant to kids  and they don’t need to know that.  Save the lessons on social justice for a few years and focus on the games.  Go Team USA!

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