Olympic Crafts

By: Tanya Pimental

I am so excited to watch the upcoming Olympic games with my kids.  They are old enough now to really enjoy them.  The opening ceremonies are always so fantastic.  We have been talking about the different sports and what they would like to watch for the last few weeks.  The swimming and gymnastics are my favorites.

It was so great to see them work on this craft this week at our local Y.  The kids have been racing around with their torches for days.  This is a great thing to recreate with your little ones.

•    empty paper towel roll
•    Styrofoam cup (cut a hole in the bottom to put the roll through)
•    tin foil
•    orange and yellow tissue paper
•    glue

The Torch & Flame Relay is a tradition started in at the Berlin Olympics in 1936.  The torch is lit at the site of the Ancient Olympics – Olympia (Greece) and relayed to the site of the current Olympics over the course of several months.  Carried by athletes, politicians and ordinary people.

Next up, I think we will craft some medals with card stock, glitter and ribbon.  Maybe we will have some fun relays in the yard one day soon as well.

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