Monthly Subscriptions

By: Kristen Clifford

The other night at our Mommy Blogger dinner, someone asked me about the bright blue nail polish I was wearing.

I explained that I had gotten it in my monthly BirchBox, which led to lots of questions about the service. I figured I would share this info on the blog, in case there were others out there who did not know about this amazing service!

For only $10 a month, you get hand-picked beauty and lifestyle samples delivered to your door. I love playing around with beauty supplies, but I hate spending money without knowing whether or not I’ll like the product. But BirchBox solves that problem! You get to test the latest products without having to pay the full price. I NEVER splurge on beauty supplies, so I figure that if I spend only $10 a month and get to sample a bunch of high-end beauty products, I can’t go wrong. You’ll also get discounts on cosmetics, expert tips, and “Birchbox points,” which you can trade in for discounts on products. And the best part? You can cancel your subscription at any time. I’ve been getting my Birch Box since March and I’m still pleasantly surprised each month.

The Mommy Bloggers’ discussion about BirchBox then led to a discussion about other monthly subscriptions. Though I don’t subscribe to any of these other subscriptions, they do intrigue me.

Beauty Army: Choose up to 6 beauty samples each month ($12/month)

Klutch Club: Choose between men’s and women’s versions and receive over $50 worth of the latest health and wellness products. ($18/month)

Umba Box: Receive monthly packages with 2-3 whimsical handmade products. ($25/month)

Love With Food: Get 8+ new gourmet foods delivered to your door- and they donate a meal to a hungry child. ($12/month)

Babba Box: Get a box filled with projects, activities, books, digital downloads, and online content for kids ages 3-6! It’s a theme-based box with all needed materials, plus know-how content to really engage your kids! ($29.99/month)

 Kiwi Krate: Enjoy monthly projects that spark creativity and curiosity for kids ages 3-7. All materials and inspiration included. ($19.95/month)

WittleBee Receive a customized box of kids clothing, worth about $100 retail. You’ll receive a new box of clothing every month and you can pause or cancel your membership anytime. ($39.99/month)

Do you have any other favorite monthly subscriptions? Please share them!

8 thoughts on “Monthly Subscriptions

  1. I have heard of a different company doing the beauty samples…Love the idea! Even though I have entirely way TOO much makeup 😉 I am pretty new to the whole blogging thing but I found a “mom page” and i’m IN! So I wanted to say hello and since this was about beauty- I wanted to let you know that I am a makeup artist and used to have my own cosmetic line. I just posted when I get 100 people following my blog I am sending some lucky lady(s) some makeup goodies! If anyone is interested-I think you just click on my name and it takes you to my blog??? haha! But I have lots of helpful makeup tips, tricks and product reviews. Thanks ladies- can’t wait to read more on here (BTW, I have a 2 y/o son)

  2. What a great list! The other two boxes I would take a look at are Creativekrate ( and Golden Tote ( Both are fantastic!

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