Spring Fun

By: Tanya Pimental

Winter seemed endless as usual this year, but with April came some beautiful weather. The sun stayed up longer and dreams of barbeques and fire pits filled our thoughts. With busy schedules, we often find that these days slip by and leave us wishing we had spent more time slowing down and enjoying the fun that spring brings.  Before we know it the humidity and heat will set it, and we’ll be a bit cranky.

Our kids have had bikes for a few years but they never really got a chance to spend much time on them.  My almost seven year old still had her training wheels on. Last year, she scootered about with little care for her bike.  But at the request of my four year old, we decided both big kids would get their training wheels off and they’d master the art of bike riding.

I actually am not sure I still remember how to ride a bike.  But what I do remember is my banana seat and my Auntie Kate holding the back as I learned on the side walk of Main Street in second grade. There were endless scrapes and bruises but that bike was a treasure and I don’t think I have owned a bike since then.

Lucy's Bike

We ventured off to Ames Nowell in Abington a few weeks ago to get the kids going. They both are pretty fearless, but we anticipated a learning curve.  Imagine our surprise when they were pros in five minutes time. I was beaming with pride as they rode in endless circles. It was one of those “mom moments” I’ll treasure for a long time.

I am happy to report that even when our middle man falls, he gets up and announces it was a great stunt. There have been hours and hours spent exploring the neighborhood and looping the car in the driveway.  These spring days and evenings are going to be remembered as the bike riding days.


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