4 Simple Delights of May

By: Martianne Stanger

May day!  May day!  Oh, how my family loves the days of May.

1.  Harbingers of spring continue to bloom everywhere, inviting us to pause to smell them.

Sketching flowersAnd, perhaps, even to draw them.

2.  The sun radiates bright heat, giving us a foretaste of summer beach days.

Beach And, who doesn’t love a beach day in May before dealing with crowds and parking fees?

3.  Community groups begin to sponsor free outdoor family fun days again.


We always love DPW Day over at Plymouth Public Library, which is scheduled this year for May 23 from 10-2.

4.  Hiking trails and playgrounds beckon us to exercise outside.

Yard picnic, 2011And, sunny lawns announce that it is time to begin eating al fresco once more.

May invites us to breathe deeply, run freely, and bask in warmth.  It renews us.  It invigorates us.  It reminds us of the world outside our front door. So, go on.  Step outside.  Delight in this May day.

3 thoughts on “4 Simple Delights of May

  1. Thanks, Sandy and SummerkDash! I like to browse last year’s pictures to inspire myself for this year’s activities. As I did so for May, I thought I should share some of the better ones to inspire more than just myself. 🙂 It is such a great month with so many things to do out and about. And the sunshine? it is so energizing and healing!

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