Galactic Crafts

By: Tanya Pimental

It’s no secret, I love any excuse to look through craft supplies and plug in my hot glue gun. Imagine my delight when Jack’s school decided to end the month of learning about outer space with a  dress up day.  Instructions were to keep it simple. It wasn’t an effort to have Halloween in spring and to be either an alien or an astronaut. Even more awesome than getting to dress up as an alien? Getting to be green alien when it’s your favorite color. (Or at least that is what my middle man deemed to be awesome.)

Jack the Alien

We recently picked up some DIY foam sun visors for some birthday party fun, but we never got a chance to use the supplies. I never get rid of leftover craft supplies, as there is always cause to use it again. So, I used my leftover visor supplies to make the perfect hat for the occasion.  A few foam balls cut in half, googly eyes,  a hot glue gun, and a quick Google image search for martian ears were all I needed. The eyelashes are my favorite touch.

Lucy the Alien

The girls were so thrilled with the outcome that they, too, wanted their own versions.  This craft then resulted in building a space craft from couch cushions and an afternoon of imagination.

Emme the Alien

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