By: Rachel Ventura

I don’t like the idea of New Year’s resolutions. They stress me out and I always feel so guilty if or when (Who am I kidding? It’s when.) I don’t keep the promise. So instead of a resolution, I like to have a New Year’s goal. I choose something that I hope to do or get better at during the upcoming year. Some people say that there’s really no difference, that a resolution is a goal and vice versa. But to me, having a goal seems much more attainable.

Merriam-Webster defines the word goal as “something that you are trying to do or achieve.” And Macmillan Dictionary defines the word resolution as “a serious decision to do something.” Okay, so I guess there’s not a huge difference, but in my head, there is. In the past, I’ve had the usual resolutions: go to the gym, eat healthy, save more money. But over the past few years, I’ve tried to have a goal that is more personal and easier to keep.

Last year, my New Year’s goal was to be in more pictures. Almost every picture that we had, I was behind the camera. I was in pretty much none of the pictures hanging in my house, in our photo albums, or on my Facebook wall. The photos were mostly of my kids, but my husband and other adults were here and there. But me? I was no where to be found. I was afraid that one day, in the far, far future, no one would even believe I existed! So my goal was to get out from behind the camera and smile for a few shots. I think I was in a few more pictures than previously, but still not many. So, regardless of whether it was a resolution or a goal, I guess I really didn’t achieve either one. Oops.

I’ll continue to work on last year’s goal again this year. I promise.

CheeseThis year’s goal, I’m still on the fence about. I think I’m going to try it out, for a month at least, but I’m not 100% sure about it. I want to attempt to have a dairy free diet. My original reasoning for this was to help my skin. I’ve never had great skin but recently, I’ve been getting these horrible breakouts that no one, especially not a 30-something year old mother, should have to deal with.

I asked for advice on a Mom’s Facebook page that I follow and many of them suggested that I cut dairy from my diet. After researching, it seems like a great idea. Not only should it help with my skin, but also with some other things I have going on as well, like anxiety and lack of energy. I’ve always said that I could never live without cheese. Although cheese and bread are my two vices, but they make dairy-free everything! I’m pretty sure those products won’t taste AS good as the real thing, and I’m thinking it may be really expensive to make the switch. But, I’m going to try it, at least for a month. And then I can make an educated decision about whether or not I want to move forward with the goal or toss it in the trash and continue eating my beloved provolone and parmesan.

Have you ever cut dairy from your diet? Or do you have any other skin clearing remedies for me? I would really love to hear your feedback! And I’d love to hear about your resolutions/goals!! Share it all here, and have a happy, healthy and fabulous New Year!!

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