Connect (the Dots) After Dinner

By: Martianne Stanger

Several nights a week after dinner, our family spends time connecting during what I like to call “Intentional Together Time.” During this time, whoever is at home gathers around to dive into a game, project or activity.

Sometimes, we play traditional board games or make up our own. Other times, the children create percussion concerts or dramas for my husband and I. And many times, we do art explorations like magnet painting or, our latest foray: Connect the Dots.

Connect the Dots is a super easy, open-ended art project that can work for any age.

We enjoyed Connect the Dots as individual art explorations done in community, which is how the activity is described below. However, the exploration could just as easily be done as a small or large group, with many people working on one large piece of paper to create a communal art piece. Either way, the approach is simple:

First, make lots and lots of dots all over a piece of paper, anywhere you want.

Dots 1

 Dots 2

Then, connect the dots, making a free-form design…

Dots 3

Dots 4 …or discovering a picture within the dots.

Dots 5

Dots 6 Then, pick your favorite tool for adding color (markers, colored pencils, oil pastels, paint or whatever you have on hand) and complete your piece.

Finally, with input from others, give your work a title.

When we did, we created:

Swimming Fish:

Dots 7

Storm Fish:

Dots 8

Star Twinkle:

Dots 10

and Beautiful Reptile:

Dots 9

All of these art works now proudly hang in our hallway art gallery as a memory of a fun evening of family creativity.

We’d love to hear (and see!) how you spend intentional time with your family!  Do share.

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