Signature Resources for New Parents

By: Keith Merlin, MD, Chief, Department of OBGYN

Being pregnant for the first time can be a challenging experience at times. Added with the thought of being a REAL parent, you can easily feel overwhelmed and not up to the challenge. Fortunately, there are many resources to help you during your pregnancy and after you deliver.BornAtSHBH.jpg

Signature Healthcare has an e-newsletter called Babe-e-News tailored to your due date with lots of valuable information throughout your pregnancy. You can get this service for free by asking for it at any of our offices.

Consider childbirth education classes to prepare you not only for the birth of your child but also for breastfeeding and early childcare. After birth, breastfeeding support groups help with nursing concerns as well as being an excellent resource for new parents.

Visit our calendar for a list of upcoming New Baby and Family Classes

Finally, all of the docs, midwives, nurses, and associates are ready to answer any questions you might have. If you are a patient at Signature, take advantage of all we have to offer and remember the only silly question is the one you do not ask.


To learn more about Dr. Merlin or request an appointment, visit

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