Holiday Hustle

By: Tanya Pimental


24831163_10155218446965897_7382113040660521933_o.jpgEach year, I get really excited to start listening to holiday music and make my lists. Giving makes me so very happy and finding that perfect coordinating wrapping paper has become a real tradition. All that said, there is of course stress that comes with the holiday hustle.

The holidays are stressful and exhausting for many, and I truly hope that everyone has an opportunity to experience some joy. Finances are not always there for folks and those that have lost a loved one always have a harder time getting through the season. For these reasons, I find myself trying to be extra empathetic to those around me; I’m hopeful that my children always embrace the same character in their lives.

This year while shopping, I found myself overcome with emotion in missing my parents.  It happened when I realized I never got to adult with a mom. I never got to buy my mom a fancy bag. I know that they would love our Christmas celebration. Their unbelievable generosity at the holidays is something I treasure. We had so little and yet Christmas was over the top. It was pure magic and likely a big part of why I go a little overboard for my own kids.

For those of you still stressing about not having done holiday cards, don’t hesitate to send New Years cards! Even better, forgive yourself for focusing your wallet and time on something else. I myself snapped a picture of each kid on our Thanksgiving walk and called it a day. I used a Groupon to get a great deal; and while they are not the best cards I ever sent out, they got out and hopeful it brightened someone’s day this season.


Last year, we accepted the ease of a fake tree. It sure was a real time saver this year. We put it up the weekend before Thanksgiving as we are always away for a Hockey Tournament the following week. It’s been great to enjoy the glow of the lights each night. However, the best I could do this year was a wreath on the door.  No other outside lights or décor made it up.  There is always next year.

With this post, I hope that each of you can take an extra moment to be empathetic, consider a donation to someone in need, forgive yourself for anything you may consider a short coming, indulge yourself with a special treat, and remember that we are all doing the best we can during the Holiday hustle.

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