Ovarian Cancer Awareness

By: Keith Merlin, MD, Chief, Department of OBGYN



Ovarian cancer will affect about 1 in 80 women in their lifetime. Early diagnosis of the disease can be challenging as there is no screening test like a Pap smear for cervical cancer.

Family history can sometimes provide a clue. If you have multiple relatives–mother, sisters, aunt, grandmothers–with ovarian cancer or premenopausal breast cancer, talk to your provider about whether you should consider special genetic testing to see if you are at particularly high risk for development of disease. Most ovarian cancers are not able to be linked to known genes at this time and are therefore sporadic.

If you have bloating, get full easily, feel your belly getting tighter, have pelvic pain, and these symptoms persist for at least a few weeks, please seek medical attention. Most of the time it will turn out to be nothing serious but early diagnosis is the key to long-term survival.




To learn more about Dr. Merlin or request an appointment, visit http://bit.ly/2p2hyfh

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