One Day At A Time…

By: Tanvi Maharaja

The current global situation caused by the novel Coronavirus is mind-boggling. While we struggle with everyday decisions related to jobs and school, companies are struggling financially, and nations in a health pandemic. Thankfully, the initial chaos seems to have streamlined to a slightly improved understanding of helpful strategies to navigate this bizarre pandemic landscape. The medical community is beginning to work towards treatment alternatives, now that there is more information on the virus and its effects on immunity.

Schools have started online learning. Kids have figured out, quite intuitively I must say, how to login into a classroom, talk with and engage with their teachers and classmates, continue education, ask questions on this new platform, and submit homework. In their spare time, I have seen kids have at it in their backyards, bond with their siblings, and enjoy this phase in general. Older kids have also continued to socialize through the many online games and social media to stay connected.

Medical professionals have adopted telemedicine to provide healthcare. Patients have been equally bold in stepping up to the occasion and opting for telemedicine to avoid unnecessary hospital visits. Restaurants and grocery shops have started deliveries. I have also seen dance teachers, yoga teachers, and other experts provide their skills through the digital medium. Most people have adopted the government advisory to follow social distancing and some have taken to various hobbies and DIY projects to keep themselves busy and maintain their sanity.

Many people are experiencing an emotional crisis due to the unprecedented situation, rife with uncertainties and insecurity. Various organizations are offering their employees help to tide over this crisis. The government is offering financial help. Insurances are waiving off copays and deductibles. Banks are ready to delay mortgages. Landlords are prohibited from evicting renters related to unpaid rent.

Communities are coming together. Donations in cash and kind keep coming everyday to people in need. And not just regionally, even globally.

So what point am I trying to make here?

We are survivors! We are going to make it!

We, as human beings, have known to turn crisis into teaching moments, obstacles to opportunity. We adapt. We learn. We evolve. We make it!

So as difficult as the environment feels now (and that is to all of us – we all are struggling at this moment with a very tough time in history), know that we will get through this. We already are. A little bit each day. One day at a time. Step by step.

Hang in there my friend. We will get through this – Together (but not “together” together!).

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