Resolution Crafts

By: Tanya Pimental

Like so many others, I have set myself some goals for the new year, which, of course, include some weight loss and budget commitments.  It’s so easy to start off gung-ho and then slowly fade away into old habits after the first few weeks or months. So, in an effort to stay focused, I spent some time crafting to help me meet my goals this year.

My Menu PlannerMy first goal is to be better about menu planning.  Some weeks, I have meals planned for 6 of 7 nights, while during others I fly by the seat of my pants and we end up with several nights of pasta followed by a few nights of take out.  I thought it may be helpful for me to make something pretty to put up on my fridge. So, with some craft supplies I had on hand and the help of a free online printable,  I made a magnetic clipboard covered in scrapbook paper and added some great weekly planning sheets (there are tons available on the internet or Pinterest). The printables have been great for also listing things from my calendar and for making notes for shopping trips.

You can pick up a clipboard at your local dollar store.  I then trimmed scrapbook paper into three pieces and overlapped them on the board.  I eyeballed the cut out for the clip at the top.  Then, using a brush, I covered the whole board with tacky glue. You can add any paper that makes you happy or that goes with your kitchen décor. I used a hot glue gun to add the magnetic stripping to the back of the board so that it would stick to my fridge.

My Workout Tip Jar My next craft project was to create a workout motivator.  I have been going to the YMCA for almost a year now.  It’s been a great place for the kids to hang out while I fit in some exercise.  During the year, there were periods when I was going less regularly. Despite that, I was able to loose some weight and start to feel better about my postpartum body.  Now, the harder work of toning and shedding those last few sticky pounds has got to start.  So in an effort to get my bum to the gym more regularly and to help myself buy something I may want, I made a Work Out Tip jar. Each time that I work out this year, I will pay myself $1. And for any races or fitness events I participate in, I will pay myself $5.  When I feel like the jar is full (or, better yet, when I hit my weight loss goal) I will take the money and spend it on me!  I am psyched to share that 14 days into the New Year, my jar has $11 dollars in it already!

4 thoughts on “Resolution Crafts

  1. Love, love, love this! My fitness center has a family pool, I think I’ll add this to my family, include the kids and add outdoor play too for my fourth grader to get him outside this winter!

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